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We have identified over 40 Countries around the world that tune us in. 

WHAT DO ALL THESE COUNTRIES HAVE IN COMMON?? All these countries below are listening to the EAL Radio Show and why we are now called,"The Eastern Airlines International Radio Show".

Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey, Romania, Hungary, Belarus, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Nigeria, Ghana, Argentina, Bolivia, Columbia, Equator, Mexico, US, and Canada.

The Eastern Airlines Radio Show keeps the Legacy of Eastern alive throughout the world. Our thanks to our listeners who make this possible.  Capt Neal

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Eastern Airlines Radio Show Blog Talk

Eastern has always been an airline of “firsts” and the radio show is carrying on that tradition and Legacy. Each show that goes into our EAL Radio Broadcast archives tells the hosts, that Eastern people enjoy talking and hearing about the “old” and the “new” as we like to think of our beloved Eastern Airlines. We discuss Airline History, Stories, News, Aircrafts, Airline Humor and even Airline Commercials to approximately 1000 listeners.

Our broadcast schedule is every Monday from 7:00 P.M. until 8:00 P.M EDT. Hosts from six different locations discuss items pertaining to Eastern and its many valued employees and its 7300 EARA members located around the world. Each Broadcast is taped and you can easily catch the show by clicking on our archived files by following the directions below in red. We want you to tell us what you want to hear, suggest special "Eastern" guests, or tell us your favorite Eastern experience. This Radio Show is for and about the people of Eastern.  Here's how it works!

Tune in at our regular scheduled time, 7:00 PM by calling: 213-816-1611 to talk to our hosts or by going to: www.blogtalkradio.com/capteddie. 

At the Blog Talk website: Click the button for the live sounds of Eastern Airlines. You'll recognize the familiar "Fly Eastern" theme music.  We'll have plenty of Eastern's beautiful music played during breaks in the broadcast. You may use the Player above by clicking anywhere on it to take you to that website to start the show or URL: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/capteddie.

Every Thursday there is a 3:00 PM Program. Follow the same directions.
From The Eastern Files,Thursday at 3:00 P. M. EDT and, every other Thursday: "Old Time Radio Show" at the same time 3:00 P. M. EDT. Join us for fun!

Monday Evening Programs at 7:00 P.M. ET
January 21st - "The Plane Makers"
January 28th - "A Tribute to Herb Kelleher"

THURSDAY Programs at 3:00 P.M. ET
January 17th - "From the Eastern Files"
January 24th - "EAL Old Time Radio"

Donations of $35.00 or more will entitle you to receive a copy of Neal's Book "Wings of Man(y)" free with your donation. All donations received, go back into EAL Radio Show Broadcast. We want to keep the Legacy of Eastern going with the EAL Radio Show Broadcast!

Thank you for your donation.

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